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Covid-19: Narrative Engine and Characters Embedding

Published onOct 22, 2023
Covid-19: Narrative Engine and Characters Embedding


This study delves into the narrative dynamics of medical drama TV series, focusing on the representation and impact of the COVID-19 theme. Drawing on the framework proposed by Rocchi and Pescatore (2022), the research examines the incorporation of themes within character-driven storylines. Through a quantitative content analysis, the COVID-19 theme is analyzed as a central narrative element, with sub-themes representing its diverse manifestations. Guided by two research inquiries, the quantification of the prominence of the COVID-19 theme and the correlation between the COVID-19 and main narrative isotopies (sentimental, professional, and medical cases plot), this study employs the novel concept of "narrative biomass" to assess thematic integration.


Medical drama; TV series; COVID-19; quantitative content analysis; thematic analysis.

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